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       How much will I pay for consultation?
A         We don’t charge for consultation, we welcome all enquiries via email, our information forms, phone calls or personal visitation. We only charge for the processing fees after you have made up your mind to apply to a particular school. 

        Processing fees for what?
A         The processing fees is for the expenses incurred while processing your application. These include courier cost of documents to and fro, phone calls, photocopies, transportation, fax etc.

Q        When is the right time to apply?
A         The right time to apply is now. Considering previous cases of late application, which often results in complications, it is always better to apply early.

Q         Do your affiliated institutions allow for installmental payment of fees?
        Yes, for most schools we represent, installments are not only allowed, we can also negotiate amount payable per installment between you and the school, all for your convenience.

Q         Is visa guaranteed?
        We cannot convince you on that because we are not the immigration authorities, but from our records, our success rating on visa matters is unbeatable. Yours can never be different.

Q         I have applied to a country before and I was refused, is this going to hinder my chances of getting a visa?
A         No, we strongly believe that if you have the necessary requirements for your new application, your chances is as good as an applicant with a new Nigerian Passport.         

        In case I am refused a visa, will my initial tuition fees be refunded?
A         Yes, although some schools do deduct a sum to cover administrative expenses but we will definitely enlighten you on this before you apply.

Q         If I am given an opportunity to appeal, what are my chances?
A         In case of an appeal situation; as far as all requirements have been met, your chances are completely positive stressing the fact that we have never lost an appeal case before.

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